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Network Performance Monitor

 Reduce network outages and improve performance with advanced network monitoring software

Multi-vendor fault, performance, and availability with NPM 12

 Reduce network outages and quickly detect, diagnose, and resolve network performance issues with affordable, easy-to-use network monitoring software.

Server And Application Monitor


Find and resolve application problems before they become incidents. Minimize downtime by troubleshooting application issues 65% faster.


Key Features
  • hide Get detailed performance metrics at your finger tips, and quickly pinpoint the root cause of application issues.
  • hide Set up intelligent application performance alerts to find and fix issues before they impact business services and end-users.
  • hide Monitor 200+ applications from a single dashboard—no more wasting time between multiple tools and custom scripts.
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Application Stack Management Bundle


Prevent system downtime with a single view
of your entire application stack



Key Features



  • hideRelationship mapping
  • hide1-click troubleshooting
  • hideSolve performance problems
  • hideMulti-vendor support
  • hideCustomize views
  • hideVisibility into databases
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Log & Event Manager


Log management software for security, compliance, and troubleshooting

Key Features

  • Fast and easy compliance reporting
  • Real-time event correlation
  • Real-time remediation
  • Advanced search and forensic analysis
  • File integrity monitoring
  • USB device monitoring

Log Manager for Orion


Aggregate, search, and chart log data within the Orion® Platform Key Features

Key Features

  • Syslog and trap collection and analysis
  • Search and filter log data
  • Real-time log stream
  • Event log tagging
  • Orion Platform integration

Database Performance Analyzer

Performance Monitoring, Analysis and Tuning.

Quickly find the root cause of complex database problems slowing down your applications.

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NetFlow Traffic Analyzer


Network traffic analyzer and bandwidth monitoring software

Key Features

  • Bandwidth monitoring
  • Network traffic analysis
  • Performance Analysis Dashboard
  • CBQoS policy optimization
  • Customizable network traffic reports
  • NBAR2 advanced application recognition

Server Configuration Monitor


Server Configuration Monitor Easy-to-use system and application change monitoring

Key Features

  • Track system and application changes
  • Compare configuration changes over time
  • Correlate configuration changes to performance
  • Asset inventory
  • Orion Platform integration

Network Configuration Manager


Automated network change and configuration management software.

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Access Rights Manager


Manage and audit access rights across your IT infrastructure

Key Features

  • Monitoring of Active Directory
  • Auditing for Windows File Share
  • Monitoring of Microsoft Exchange
  • SharePoint access monitoring and management
  • User provisioning and management
  • User permissions analysis





Virtualization Manager


Optimize and fix virtual issues in minutes with vSphere® and Hyper-V monitoring

Key Features

  • Predictive recommendations
  • Capacity planning
  • Active virtualization alerts
  • Management dashboards
  • Management actions
  • VM sprawl control